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Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a safe form of alternative medicine that uses specific wavelengths to stimulate dormant tissues within the body. LLLT is frequently used in hair restoration to stop the progression of hair loss and influence hair regrowth.
Low-level laser hair therapy has been researched and analyzed for decades. Due to the use of the cold (low-level) laser and no use of thermal energy, there are no side effects from the hair loss treatment.

The cost of laser hair therapy is very minimal compared to other hair loss options. Patients have the option of having an inexpensive in-office procedure or purchasing a device for at-home use. 

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Low-level laser hair therapy positively influences new hair growth with thicker, fuller and healthier results. New hair growth from LLLT can begin in as little as 3 to 6 months. In most cases, ¾ of the treated hair will begin growing once again.


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What is Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

LLLT for Hair Loss

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Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy in Tampa, Florida

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is often referred to as infrared light therapy, cold laser therapy, soft laser therapy, and laser hair restoration. LLLT uses specific wavelengths to improve the growth, texture, and volume of hair follicles.

The light emitted through the low-level laser is applied directly to the area where hair is thinning or experiencing pattern baldness. The infrared light causes an increase in oxygen and blood circulation to the hair follicle. This not only prevents further hair loss from occurring, but will actually stimulate dormant follicles to begin growing once again.

The cost of low-level laser hair restoration depends on the type of treatment the patient is looking for. Patients have the option of in-office treatments or purchasing a device for at-home use. Contact us today for more information.

Low-level laser hair therapy is used to treat thinning hair, genetic hair loss conditions such as androgenic alopecia (pattern baldness), and other problems associated with the head and scalp such as rosacea.

Low level laser therapy is an effective hair loss treatment for both men and women aiming to restore their hair. LLLT can be used throughout many stages of hair loss, but it’s important to consult a licensed physician for accurate treatment diagnosis.
Low-level laser therapy is a safe treatment for hair loss and is FDA-approved. The treatment meets all safety and manufacturing standards, with no side effects.
Since hair loss occurs differently in each individual, results may vary from patient to patient. On average, LLLT hair regrowth can be visible in as soon as 3 to 6 months.


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