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I personally conduct all consults and am always eager to share my over 27 years experience in Regenerative Medicine & Hair Restoration Surgery with new patients

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Read reviews from a few of our previous hair transplant patients and what they had to say about their experience with Dr. Michael Markou and the Tampa Bay Hair Restoration Clinic.

I had a Robotic procedure on Thursday March 7th, 2019. The experience was painless. There was minor discomfort with the local anesthetic. Although they offered laughing gas, I did not need it nor did I use it. I had no post op discomfort although Dr Markou told me there might be some the first night. The staff made me feel like family. Very friendly and very professional! Dr Markou provided me the option of a strip procedure vs the Robot FUE. I chose Robot since i wear my hair short in the back. I will keep you posted on my post op course and results. Very excited!!
I had several consultations at other offices. Was referred to Dr Markou by a friend and he was the only Dr who actually met with me and did the consultation. I felt very comfortable with that. He accurately explained all options. I proceeded with Robotic. Had my surgery about 6 months ago and starting to see the hair grow in. The staff is great. Family atmosphere! This really changed my life.
Was referred to Dr Markou by a friend. Chose him not only because of having the most experience by far in the Tampa Bay area but also because of the personal attention he gave me during the consultation (no pushy sales people to deal with). Now about 9 months out from having Robotic transplant. Very happy with my results. He exceeded my expectations. His staff also has years of experience and is friendly. Made me feel like family. Thanks Doc!!!
I elected for the strip-method with ~3500 grafts and my results are fantastic! From the day I had my consultation, Dr. Markou and his staff treated me like family. They are friendly, relaxed, and did not give a sales pitch. They were honest about my expected results, very fair-priced, and they worked with me for my needs on day of surgery. There were no unexpected costs or additional costs before, during, or after. Dr. Markou gave me a price during my consultation and that was exactly what I paid. He even did test drawings of my hair line on my head to see what looked good and what I liked. The staff was constantly asking me if I was comfortable during surgery. They couldn’t have been more accommodating during surgery and the weeks after. I have been and will continue to recommend Dr. Markou to other people in need of hair surgery. As far as other hair locations go, Dr. Markou’s office and staff are the most comfortable I’ve experienced. I’ve been to a consultation at Hair Club where I got a sales pitch with extremely high-priced offer followed be a lengthy negotiation process. The Hair Club salesman would not stop calling me for weeks trying to get me to pay double when they don’t even cover post-operation follow-ups in their base price. I don’t like to be “sold” on why I should pay a ridiculous price so Hair Club can have a fancy lobby. None of this corporate-style one-size-fits-all interaction happens with Dr. Markou (and of course he includes post-operation follow-ups because it’s the right thing to do!). I was not paid nor given any discounted services nor a referral incentive to leave this review. This is how I sincerely feel about Dr. Markou’s hair restoration surgery and what it has done for my daily life. Shout out to Petro for being awesome and the 2 technicians for being so caring and warm during my surgery!
Doc was straight forward! Offered all options for keeping and regrowing existing hair as well as transplants. As you can see, my result is amazing and is a life changer! I found Dr. Markou to be the most experienced without pushy sales persons. Spoke to a local news anchor who gave him a great recommendation! Thanks Doc and Team!
I had the Artas procedure done over a year ago. I waited to submit a review to see how the transplants grew. It appears that they all grew! 3 technicians worked together during the extractions, Dr. Markou made the insertion incisions and 2 technicians did the implanting. Dr Markou explained to me that he charges less than the place in Tampa because his advertising budget is far less. I am completely satisfied. My one tip is to get your hair cut to specs the day before or the day of your appointment by a real barber. All they do at the clinic is shave the area in back of your head to the required length without matching or tapering.
Dr. Markou and his entire staff are truly standout professionals. His entire team was excellent in every way, ensuring my utmost comfort. As a medical professional myself, I can say that Dr. Markou and his staff exemplify the way medical care should be delivered. Dr. Markou is a gifted surgeon and his techniques in hair restoration are clearly at the top of his field. His attention to detail is evident in every way. Highly recommended.
Excellent service. Great staff. Absolutely wonderful doctor. Would recommend others to this Clinic. Relaxed atmosphere too!
Tampa Bay Hair Restoration and Dr. Markou helped me with my hair loss issue. I already feel a lot better about it and I'm looking forward to my hair growth over the next few months. The staff was all very friendly. Dr. Markou offers all the hair transplant procedures I had been researching. I went in for my free consultation and ended up being the best fit for the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant. I traveled in from Tampa but the actual Tampa Bay Hair Restoration clinic is around Clearwater. Thank you!
Dr. Michael Markou, Tampa Bay's most experienced hair restoration surgeon. One can't argue with 25 years of Hair Restoration experience. Proudly serving local Clearwater residents for over 20 years with a friendly and compassionate family oriented staff.
Honest advise, Won't try to up-sell you, Very pleased with the entire offices mannerisms
I have been going to Dr Markou for years and always found him to be extremely knowledgeable and caring. I was going to have a full knee replacement surgery but decided to have him do PRP. It has worked out Great! I have been walking without pain for the first time in 3 years. Thanks You


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